There is a one time per year NON-refundable Registration Fee.
1 child-$25. | 2 Children-$35 | 3 or more children-$45


45 min -1 hr class: $50
3rd class or more: $48
1.25 -1.5 hr class: $60
3rd class or more: $58
2 hr class: $70


Due with Fall Registration

45 min - 1 hr class: $275
1.25 - 1.5 hr class: $330
2 hr class: $385

Due January 1, 2018

45 min - 1 hr class: $175
1.25 - 1.5 hr class: $210
2 hr class: $245

Full Year

1 hr class: $450.00
1.5 hr class: $540.00
2-hr class: $630.00

There is a 10% discount available thru October 1st

Adult Class Fee

1st class: $50.00
2nd class: $45.00
3rd and any additional classes: $40.00

Single Class Fee

45 min –1 hr class: $16.00
1.5 hr class: $18.00
2 hr class: $22.00

Private Class Fee

1/2 hr class: $40.00
45 min class: $50.00
1 hr: $60.00

*Fees for private lessons may vary depending upon instructor.

Specialty Classes

Pre-Professional Ballet Program: $202.00 a month - No discounts apply
Pre-Pro drop in rates: Single class-$25.00 One 2 hour class a month-$75.00
Themed or Specialty Camps: $85.00


EMJAEZ DANCE STUDIO accepts payments in: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.
Please make checks payable to: EMJAEZ DANCE STUDIO

Post-dated checks will NOT be accepted.
The office cannot be responsible for holding post-dated checks,as deposits are made daily. If the date on the check is past the 10th, the late fee will be applied.If the date on the check is post-dated earlier, but dropped off after the 10th, the late fee will be applied.

For your convenience, automatic payments using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express can be taken directly from your account on the first of each month. Please keep the card on file current.


*Discounts apply to classes under the same account.

Classes 6-9 = 10% Off
Classes 10+ = 20% Off


Tuition is based on a nine-month season, which averages out to 36 classes. This includes all studio and weather closings, dress rehearsal and show day. You are purchasing a space for the 2017-2018 dance season beginning Thursday, September 14th and concluding on Sunday, June 3, 2018. Some months have 3 or 4 weeks, some have 5 weeks. Each class in the dance year will have 36 classes, which include dress rehearsal and show day.

Due at registration is the non-refundable payment of first and last month’s tuition along with the registration fee. This first payment, which includes the first month and May, may not be applied to any other month or transferred to another class.

The final tuition payment will be due in April. In making this commitment, you are responsible for payment of all tuition throughout this period. If you are in a non-show class, your last month of tuition will be adjusted accordingly. If you pay for the full year, $26 will be deducted at registration.

If you must withdraw from a class, please send in a written letter of withdrawal. Tuition fees will continue to be added to your account until the studio receives your letter of withdrawal.

There are NO refunds, adjustments or pro-rating given for discontinued or missed classes. If a student withdraws after the first of the month, you are responsible for payment for the remainder of the month. If a student registers mid-month, you are responsible for the whole month of tuition. If you choose to pay by semester or full year and withdraw, a 20% service charge will be deducted from your refund. If you are enrolled in multiple classes, semester refunds will be credited to your account. There are no refunds given for the first tuition payment, which includes the first month and May.

There are NO refunds for any reason after December 31, 2017. If a student withdraws from a class after December 31, 2017, you will be responsible for tuition for the remainder of the year. Should a student wish to enroll after the cut-off date, there will be a $25 additional late enrollment fee

Holidays and cold/snow days will not have rescheduled make-up days. Students may make up missed classes due to cold/snow days or illness by attending an equivalent class within one month of the missed class. Because make-up classes are available, no refunds, adjustments or pro-rating of classes will be given. All students must give 24-hour advance notice to the office that they will be making up the missed class. Please call the studio for the appropriate make-up class times.