Contemporary Dance

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Inspired by the works of dance legends such as Twyla Tharp and Martha Graham, contemporary expands the boundaries of ballet and modern dance. Contemporary dance involves integrating the mind-body-spirit connection with dance movements. There's a huge emotional connection to this style of dance. It is also important to note that a lot of improvisational skills are used in a contemporary dance form - improvisation meaning that the dancer uses whatever they feel at the moment to express the mood of the dance piece itself. Because a solid, ballet/jazz based foundation is an essential requirement of this style of dance, students must be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class in order to take contemporary.

Today’s style of contemporary dance has become popular through shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance".

Contemporary Dress Code

NO BAGGY PANTS, SHORTS, T-SHIRTS OR SWEATSHIRTS!Black, pink or brown leotard, tank top or sports bra; black, pink or brown yoga pants, leggings or dance shorts.Black split-sole slip-on jazz shoes, NO foot paws unless cleared by the instructor.
Boys: Black nylon warm-up pants/sweats andblack, brown or white t-shirt. Shoe requirement is the same as listed above.