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Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance. Students will study the basic Classical Ballet technique with an emphasis on musicality and coordination. Beginning ballet lays thegroundwork with proper alignment, an understanding of the turn-out that defines ballet, andthe fundamental movements known as steps, which are ballet's vocabulary. As the level advances, ballet class is divided into barre and center exercises, or combinations, which begin with the support of the barre and are continued in the center of the classroom - free of supportand moving across the floor. The barre and center work will be utilized to enhance developmentof strength and coordination. Students will learn the names, meanings and precise techniqueof each movement they are being taught. Dancers will learn ballet etiquette in a disciplinedyet nurturing environment.

Pre-Professional Ballet Progam

The Pre-Professional Ballet Program is by invitation only. This program is for the dedicated and committed ballet student. This class meets two times a week and one Saturday a month.

Ballet Ages 5-12 Dress Code

Blue leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. No tanks or sports bras over or under your leotards. Hairshould be in a bun, and pulled back off of the face, no bangs or whispies. Please tie the pink elastic in a knot andcut excess elastic from the ballet shoe.

Intermediate Ballet, Teen Ballet & Pre-Professional Baller Dress Code

Black leotard, pink tights, pink elastic waistband and pink ballet shoes-no skirts. sNo tanks or sports bras over or under your leotards. Hair should be in a slick secure ballet bun, no bangs or whispies. Pink elastic bands areavailable for purchase in the office.